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La Maupin

31st January - 4th February
Tuesday-Saturday 7.30pm

Lion and Unicorn Theatre, 42-44 Gaisford Street, London NW5 2ED

350 years ago a legend was born in France.


Sword fighter. Opera Singer. Wanted Criminal. Trailblazer. Celebrity.




La Maupin.

And now she’s back to reclaim her spot in history.



Quadruple Offie nominated and London Pub Theatre Standing Ovation nominated critically acclaimed musical written about Queer historical female badass returns for a second run at Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town


It's a bit like Marie Antoinette meets The Pogues. They have a drink. They have a laugh. They have a massive brawl. And you’re invited.

Written by Olivia Thompson 

Directed by Suzy Catliff

Produced by Rory Devlin

Designed by Robin Soutar

LGBTQI+ Casting Consultant Tigger Blaize

R & D Musicians: Michelle Pittoni & Nora Mulready


Frida Rodbroe

Katrina Michaels

Megan Armitage

Olivia Thompson

Olivia Warren

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